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Who is Russell Preston Brown?

Russell Brown is the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated as well as an Emmy Award-winning instructor. His ability to bring together the world of design and software development is a perfect match for Adobe products. In Russell’s twenty-seven years of creative experience at Adobe, he has contributed to the evolution of Adobe Photoshop with feature enhancements, advanced scripts, and most recently Flash panel development.  

With complete mastery and breath taking style, Russell has shown users how to work – and play – with Adobe software.   He has helped the world's leading photographers, publishers, art directors, and artists to master the software tools that have made Adobe's applications the standard by which all others are measured.  He shares his delight in testing the creative limits of his tools as a prolific creator of an entertaining collection of Photoshop tips and tricks. Many of these tips have been published in Design Graphics Magazine, and the Photoshop User Magazine. You can also find many of these tutorials on web at <

His in-depth design knowledge and zany presentation style has won him a regular following among beginning, intermediate, and advanced users alike. Keep in mind, a live performance of the Russell Brown Show is not to be missed.


Emmy Award Winner 2008 (Dr. Brown's Photoshop Laboratory)

Photoshop Hall of Fame Winner 2002


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Russell Brown