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Welcome to the Russell Brown Show and this helpful set of scripts, panels, and actions that can assist with several of your design and production tasks. These utilities can be extremely helpful, but they are definitely not perfect. They can occasionally fail and cause some inconveniences.

Please do NOT install these scripts unless you fully understand that I will not be able to easily answer your technical support questions if you have problems. I enjoy making these tools available for free, but I just do not have the time to answer all the email support questions that come my way. I truly apologize for this inconvenience and I hope you understand.

Please enjoy.


Open Source!

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The Open Source code is now available for many of my script and panels

Because of new projects and a changing demand for my time, it will be necessary for me to move on to new projects at Adobe. For this reason I will no longer be able to support, or update many of my scripts and panels. Never fear! – I am releasing the source code for many of my programs and if you are a programmer then you can use this code to modify and change my scripts to meet your needs. If you are not a programmer then I recommend working with anyone on the list of programmers that I have supplied below. However! Let me make it clear that his code is not to be sold. This is an open and free source to be used for the good of humankind and Adobe Photoshop users around the world.

May the source be with you...

Included in this release:
- Dr. Brown's Services
- Adobe Emailer
- Adobe Watermark Panel
- Adobe Water Colour Assistant

Recommended programmers:

Sandra Voelker:

Trevor Morris:

Michael Hale

Ross Huitt

German Programming Support

Matthias Alph


Download Source




Adobe Photoshop Panels & Actions CS5/CS6/CC


Adobe Exchange Panel

The new Adobe® Exchange is a Creative Suite extension marketplace. It is available as a panel (palette) within a variety of CS6 applications. The Adobe Exchange panel provides a new way to search, discover, and install plug-ins, extensions, and other content for Creative Suite products. With Adobe Exchange panel, you can:

- Browse through items that are available for your application
- Download and install those items
- Update acquired items when new versions are available

Learn more


This panel can be found under the Extensions Menu inside of Adobe Photoshop.


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CS5/CS6/CC: Script:

Dr. Brown’s Services 2.3.1

Dr. Brown’s Services is a collection of time-saving utilities for designers and photographers. Use the new CS6 Extension Manager to install both the Mac and PC versions. If the Extension Manager does not work on your system, use the manual installation process instead. Installation will require that you be in the ADMINISTRATOR mode on a PC.

This installation includes:

Image Processor Pro


Place-A-Matic 8-bit

Place-A-Matic 16-bit

Trouble Shooting

Having trouble with any of my scripts? Then be sure and try my "JUST FIX IT" script that will remove all the damaged preference files. This could do the trick to solve your issues.













CS5 Version Installer

CS6 Version Installer




Adobe Watercolour Assistant 1.0.4

Turn a photograph into a watercolour painting with some help from this step by step guided panel. Take the guess work out of choosing the correct brush. Just click! – And start painting.

This panel was a collaborative project done with Tim Shelbourne from London, England. In honor of this fact and because of my English heritage, I am now spelling WATERCOLOUR as Shakespeare intended. Check out the basic tutorial movie or just download the panel and give it a test drive.

Tim Shelbourne


Download this panel on Adobe Exchange. It can be found under the Extensions Menu inside of Adobe Photoshop.


Adobe Photoshop CC (ONLY!)
Adobe Paper Texture Panel Pro 2.0.2

Add textures to images with this great new Panel for Adobe Photoshop CC. Included with this panel is a wonderful sampler set of textures from Fly Paper Textures. Watch the tutorial movie for more details on this release.

Download this panel on Adobe Exchange. It can be found under the Extensions Menu inside of Adobe Photoshop.




CS5/CS6/CC: Panel
Adobe Emailer Panel

Prepping images and attaching them to an email just got a lot easier with the Adobe Emailer panel. This panel takes advantage of new technology in Photoshop CS5 and CS6 to resize, save, sharpen, and email your photos all in one shot. Check out the video tutorial to see how it works.

Download this panel on Adobe Exchange. It can be found under the Extensions Menu inside of Adobe Photoshop.






CS5 Version Installer

CS6 Version Installer


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CS5/CS6/CC: Panel
Adobe Watermark Panel 2.2.2

Need to watermark a photo? You got it! Need to watermark 100 of them? No sweat. The all new Adobe Watermark panel takes all the hassle out of watermarking and let's you get back to work (or doing the other things you like to do) a lot faster. This new and improved version will only work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS6.


Download this panel on Adobe Exchange. It can be found under the Extensions Menu inside of Adobe Photoshop.









CS5/CS6/CC : Script: JUST FIX IT

Preference Remover Utility

Have any of my scripts and panels stopped working? In many cases removing the preference files for my scripts can solve several standard problems.  If you need help, then this handy little script may be the solution. Download this script then simply drag the script icon over the startup icon or shortcut icon for Photoshop and it will then launch inside of Adobe Photoshop. Follow the instructions in the script window, and then restart Adobe Photoshop. When it's done, then try using the script or panel again. No promises that this script will work, but if all else fails then it might do the trick.



1. Quit from  Adobe Photoshop.

2. Run the script "JUST FIX IT" by dragging the script file over the Photoshop application icon or shortcut icon.

3. Restart Adobe Photoshop

4. Run the script or panel

5. Problem solved?

  ARCHIVES (Looking for really old stuff?)  

Sorry, technical support is not available for my scripts
Please report any web-related problems by sending an email to the address listed below. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I will not have the chance to respond to questions relating to these scripts. Please only use them if you feel confident that you can remove them if something should go wrong. My scripts are definitely not perfect and they will NOT work on every system configuration. Use them at your own risk.

Also, PLEASE tell me if you like these scripts and if you are using them. I can always use encouragement to keep making these utilities.  THANKS!!!

For immediate response to your issues and questions, check out the Adobe Forum:

Also be sure to visit the Adobe TV site for a great collection of information and tutorials:

Russell Brown

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